Wine Greeting Cards with Unique Sketches Makes Perfect Invitation Card for Any Event

Wine Cards

Being in the company of your closest friends and family can provide you with comfort and relaxation. The relief you receive after a few minutes of chatting or laughing together is the best break away from the chaos of everyday life.

While the digital age makes it easier to contact your guests using electronic invitations, they lack the same impact as a traditional invitation card. Handcrafted wine greeting cards give you the opportunity to invite your loved-ones in an original and fashionable way. While text messages inform guests about the details of the event, handing a card with a picture of wine bottles or goblets adds a special element in your get-together. With this type of card, you can personalize the style of invitation in accordance to the theme.

Pinot Noir & Chardonnay – A blend of Golden with Red

The passion-red color of Pinot Noir wine creates a unique fusion with the bright golden shade of Chardonnay in this get-together card from Old Man Artist. Two goblets of wine sit beside one another, as comfortably as two friends or family members who feel close to one another despite their differences. The whimsical sketching of wine bottles and goblets give a one-of-a-kind feel to this invitation card. The artist’s signature is present on the top along with the date of creation. There are five hand drawn wine greeting cards in each set of cards.

Merlot & Grapes – A Passionate Appeal

The violet shade of juicy grapes creates a mesmerizing contrast against the ruby color of wine goblets and Merlot bottle. You may use this invitation card for its exclusive appeal or to inform your guests about the arrangements of vintage bottles of Merlot wine at your next get-together.

Pouring Malbec – Red Flood

Artist Harry Traulsen can make viewers desire a glass of Malbec wine with his artisanship. If there is a vintage bottle for Malbec wine in your get-together, then you may choose this unique invitation card for the guests. It is hard not to love the delightful caricatures of wine bottles and goblets present on this card, along with artist’s signature and the date of creation.

The 4.25”x5” wine cards from the Old Man Artist have enough space to write a detailed invitation.

Merlot & Cheese

Merlot pairs well with artisan cheese, dried fruits and nuts, and crusted French and Italian breads. With his pen and charcoal, Artist Harry Traulsen easily entices the wine and cheese lovers with this card. The 4.25" x 5" from the Old Man Artist is signed and ready for framing.